ACTE: Afro Cultural Tribal Empowerment Website

The ACTE Website is the Official website of the ACTE organization.  ACTE is an acronym for African Cultural Tribal Empowerment.

ACTE provides social, cultural, financial and leadership opportunities for people in African rural settings, specifically in Kassese, Uganda (Western region) and Niger (Tillebury and Niamey).

The philosophy of ACTE is centered on the African UBUNTU. This African perspective facilitates success not on an individual basis, but rather success for the collective group, understood through the slogan “I am because you are, and since you are, therefore I am”.

ACTE tries to improve a family’s quality of life through social/cultural exchanges and small business opportunities.

The cultural portion of ACTE also includes opportunities for people growing older to participate in community life and to share back with their communities some of their wisdom and history. This wisdom can be utilized by succeeding and younger generations.

The Website can be found by clicking on the Image above.