Radio Programs

News/Talk Information1 and Talk/Personality (often Political talk)2 stations often fill their weekend broadcast schedules with pre-recorded shows featuring local businesses such as local Realtors, Medical Professionals, etc.

What is Talk Radio?  According to Berk Marketing:

The talk radio format, as well as talk radio advertising is practically as old as radio itself. As soon as station owners figured out way back in the 1930’s that people were fascinated to hear the opinions and humorous ramblings of announcers who were clever enough to keep talking non-stop for a few hours at a time, every city in the United States started launching its own talk radio stations. And as soon as the on-air hosts discovered that they could just open up the phone lines and let their listeners do the talking, an entire industry was born and has been going strong ever since.

Today there are many kinds of Talk programs on both AM and FM stations. Political talk radio, of course, is a mainstay and always will be. Generally speaking, there are more “conservative-minded” radio hosts across the country and it’s anybody’s guess as to why that is.

Often, these shows that air on the weekends are either 30 minutes, an hour, or 2 hours+ long.  Whether it is doing post production editing of a recorded radio program or recording and editing the radio program, Big B Multimedia can provide the production services you need to make your radio program high quality and a huge success!

Please contact me today about having me record, produce, and/or edit your radio program.

1   A format devoted to informative news and talk programming; either local or national in scope for Adults Ages 35+)
2 Talk, either local or network in origin, which can be telephone-talk, interviews, information or a mix target to Adults Ages 25+.