Radio Spots

Radio Advertising is the lifeblood of all Radio Stations . . .even Non-commercial Educational (NCE) Stations. Other than the main programing on a radio station (i.e. Talk Radio, country music, Rock & Roll, Etc.) and the talent, Radio spots drive business to sponsors of radio stations which in turn buy ad time on the station, thus making money for the station. without that, the station is most likely to fail and go off the air permanently.

Typically, Radio spots last 15, 30, and 60 seconds respectively.  Whether it is doing post production editing of a recorded radio program or recording and editing the radio program, I can provide the production services you need to make your radio program high quality and a huge success!

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Radio Spots on Non-commercial Educational (NCE) Stations
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In the Case of Non-commercial Educational (NCE) Stations, these stations cannot run broadcast commercial advertisements because of their status, they run instead Underwriter spots. According to WRGY-FM 90.5 in Rangeley, Maine, Underwriting Spots "are brief identifying messages broadcast on NCE Stations to recognize businesses and organizations that provide financial support for our programming."

According to WRGY-FM, Underwriting spots are as follows:

  • Announcements may include:
    • Underwriter's name, location, phone number, business hours, web site, etc.
    • Factual, value‐neutral description of the underwriter's business, product line, or service.
    • Identification of services, products, or brand names (without using qualitative or comparative language)
    • Slogans or marketing themes that identify (but do not promote) the underwriter
  • Announcements may not include:
    • Qualitative, comparative or promotional language
    • Calls‐to‐action, prices, or incentives to buy
    • Viewpoints on public issues or political candidates
    • Direct relation to program content

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