Neoga Pole People Online

Neoga Pole People Online

The Neoga Pole People Website is the Official website of The Pole People, which was a beautification project in the Neoga, IL Area that was begun in rural Neoga in 1996 by Mrs. Connie Walk of Neoga, who said that she painted the Pole People because she felt like doing it.

Somebody vandalized the Pole People in Rural Neoga in 1997. Connie Walk and several other people painted the Pole People that are located in and near Neoga, with one exception.

That exception being the Pole Rabbit, which was located on west 10th Street, is believed to have been painted by the family who resides in the house where the Pole Rabbit was located.

The Pole People were designed to represent various types of people that live and/or work in the Neoga community, ranging from the local pharmacist to a banker to a Neoga High School Cheerleader to a Neoga police officer.

The utility poles the pole people were taken down in the mid 2010s.  The Website can be found by clicking on the Image above.

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